My Kitchen Party: Edson Drives into Grace’s Heart

23 July 2018
The young couple first met when Edson signed up for driving lessons and Grace was his instructor.
mkpzambia grace nkombwe

Grace Nkombwe is a driving school instructor and when she received notice that she was going to be Edson’s instructor for the duration of his learning, it wasn’t an unusual ask; and making conversation during the classes was a normal thing to help make the students relax. It was a bit interesting though for her when she found Edson a bit of a conversationist and the added humour he spiced their interactions with also earned him a few more brownie points with her.

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The pair soon struck up a bit of a friendship and with numbers exchanged, they stayed in touch and a relationship ensued. Being a man who prefers action over words, Edson planned his marriage proposal with the help of his siblings and her family and now that their relationship is now official and ready to be elevated to the next level; we decided to tag along for the highlights, and the food.

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Grace's family committee chaired by her Aunt

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Tutelage from the elders

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Grace is flanked by the family matriachs

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Flanked by his family and friends, Edson arrives

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The new couple exchange matrimonial gifts

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Groom's mother celebrating the new couple

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Bride's Mother sharing a moment with the couple

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Grace taught Edson how to drive and his first destination was to drive straight into her heart and he must have perfected his driving skills because he has found an eternal parking space right there. As this journey of love drives on into the sunset, we are out here wishing the couple happy trails.

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