My Kitchen Party: Double the Fun for Jessy Yumbe’s Day

25 May 2018
Jessy and her hubby Joshua met at the church where they both fellowship, and a friendship which was formed in their teenage years grew into a future together
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Jessy Yumbe first met hubby Joshua Chishaka in church while they were both in the teenage church department. A friendship soon formed between them as they spent a lot of time working on the same church functions and activities.

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It wasn’t long before they both realized that though their individualities set them apart, they both possessed admirable qualities and principles which mirrored a healthy and grounded upbringing both at home and in the doctrines they preached and lived. As the friendship grew even closer, both prayed for a clear path to their possible future together, and with the ensuing peace of mind, their 9 year relationship began.

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The couple have built a firm foundation for their relationship guided by the doctrines of their faith and as they celebrate Jessy’s kitchen party, an event which traditionally formalizes their union, we have been invited to tag along and share in this momentous occasion.

Jessy gets dolled up as she prepares for her big day.

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As per tradition, the veilled bride is ushered to her seat as she awaits the arrival of her hubby.

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Right on cue, the groom arrives with his entourage

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The bride smiles after she is unveilled.

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The proud mothers pose with the new couple

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The endearing look a proud hubby gives his new new bride

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Jessy escorts Joshua out of the venue as the festivities continue.

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As Jessy and joshua celebrate their union founded on the doctrines of their faith, we believe these guidelines will the the anchor that gives their new union the stability to last the test of time.  We wish them both a fantastic journey as they build their future together and trust that the love that brought them together will keep them together, forever.

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