My Kitchen Party: All Hail Chilando Mwila aka ChiChi B

12 June 2018
When two musos come together to celebrate their love for each other, it is such bliss to watch
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Chilando Mkandawire popularly known as Chi Chi B is a household name in the music scene in Zambia and her music needs no introduction. Though they are both practitioners in the same industry, Chilando met and became friends with hubby Humphrey Mwila while working on a project.

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mkpzambia chichiB

A true bond was soon formed between the two musos and their friendship soon blossomed into a relationship. The couple took time to understudy each other and after seeing such admirable qualities in how they both conducted their personal and professional lives, Humphrey decided a proposal was long overdue. A wedding proposal veiled into a telephone call gave him the answer his heart craved, she said yes.

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mkpzambia chichiB

A true celebration of love began and no one can deny the levels of admiration and respect these two have for each other. But before we get carried away with this love story, let us check out some images from their kitchen party.

The dress fitting.

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mkpzambia chichiB

The committe meeting

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mkpzambia chichiB

The bride arrives at the venue

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mkpzambia chichiB

Though late, the groom finally arrives

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mkpzambia chichiB

Formalities done, the Mwila couple

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mkpzambia chichiB

We are sure there will be a lot of music, singing and dancing in the Mwila household becasue we are sure Chilando and Humphrey will celebrate their love for each other with the gifts in their arsenal; Music. As they have made their vows to each other, we pray God will bless their union with HIS abundance.

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