My Kitchen Party: A Royal Kitchen Party for Lisa Tembo

18 June 2018
Lisa and Steven didn't have it easy with their relationship, but the birth of their daughter smoothed things over with her parents
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Lisa Tembo first met her husband Steven in church where she fellowshipped and he was the youth fellowship leader. A friendship soon ensued between them and it wasn’t long before this friendship turned into a relationship.

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

Both continued to see each other and in the 3rd year of their relationship, she found out she was pregnant. Due to how strict her father was, they had to delegate her mother to go break the news to him and he angrily asked Lisa and her mother to leave his house.  Fences were mended soon after, and after the birth of their daughter, Lisa’s father and his granddaughter soon became inseparable.

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

Lisa’s parents accepted Steven as the father of their grand child after they saw his dedication to their daughter and gave their blessings for the couple to get married, on the condition that she finished her schooling first and got a job. With all the criterium met, the couple proceeded with the Kitchen Party plans.

All white Bachelorette party for Lisa

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

Make-up for the D-Day

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

The groom arrives

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

The bride must present the cup to her groom

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

The newly-married couple present gifts to their mothers

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

The smile of a content groom

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mkpzambia Lisa Tembo

With the Kitchen Party ceremony out of the way, Lisa and Steven can now start building their future together, and with the blessings of both their parents received, and their little daughter in tow, the strength of the love they share has proven tough enough to weather any storm life may throw at them.

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