Mwaaza Banda’s Forever Start’s Now – My Kitchen Party

05 November 2018
What seemed like a meeting triggered by infatuation has turned into a journey into forever for Mwaaza and Kamanga
mwaaza banda mkpzambia ep 22

Mwaaza first met Kamanga while she was on her way back home from school and a stranger tried to chat her up while offering her a ride home. He looked responsible enough and she felt calm enough to accept the offer of the ride. He was with his friends and they decided to make a short detour for a meal and drinks before dropping her off.

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Kamanga saw how relaxed and friendly Mwaaza with his friends and his attraction to her deepened as he felt she was a keeper. The pair officially started dating two months into their first meeting and Kamanga’s frequent weekly visits showed her how committed he was to her and the relationship.

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With time playing its part in their relationship, Kamanga felt he didn’t want to spend his future with anyone else but Mwaaza. Duly assisted by her siblings and family, he proposed to her and she accepted. Below we share a few highlights from their kitchen party with you.

Final Committee Exco meeting

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Kamanga making some last minute pickups for the bride

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Make up and hair getting done

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Veilled bride being ushered in

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Groom and his entourage arrive

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Mwaaza: Unveilled and showered with gifts

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Kunkula and gifts for the groom

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The women who made the day possible: The mothers

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The love of your life could be that person trying to get your attention on the streets or in the shops, spare a hello or a hi, because you never know what life may have in store for you; as mirrored in the case of Mwaaza and Kamanga.

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