Lusungu Makes An Impression on Vanessa – Date My Family Zambia

07 January 2019
Looks can be deceptive, as Vanessa got to find out a few minutes into her date with Lusungu
vanessa dmfzambia ep 6

Vanessa Mutonyi is a 24 year old psychology graduate currently working as a sales consultant, a poet, model and a writer who describes herself as a hardworking, strong willed easy going extrovert.

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She says her last real relationship ended cos she felt the guy was too immature and not focused; so she will be paying a keen interest in what the families of all three hopefuls will have to say about them. Let’s queue them in:

Suitor 1: Mwayi

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25 year old estate management student who loves football and describes himself as an outgoing adventure seeker who is committed to trying new things and having fun while doing them. Oh, did we mention he has a twin brother too?

Suitor 2: Nathan

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The soft spoken 24 year old banker describes himself as a romantic, quiet, jovial and understanding person who believes he has a warm personality which makes him easy to talk to.

Suitor 3: Lusungu

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This 26 year old procurement supervisor leads a double life because at night, when he is done procuring at work; he transforms into a disc jockey known as DJ Gus. He describes himself as a chilled guy with a small circle of friends.

After sharing a meal with all three families of the hopefuls, Vanessa felt Lusungu’s family best represented him and this informed her choice to pick him.

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A few minutes into her date though, Vansessa may have been having double minds about her choice as she felt his decision to try focus more energy into his DJ life may be counter-productive to her career path. The couple agreed to try new things though and we hope they find strength in their differences.

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