Kimberly’s Sarcastic Partner – Date My Family Zambia

18 February 2019
Has this 23 year old lawyer met her sarcastic match in Tawanda?
ep 12 kimberly and tawanda

Kimberly Chota is 23 years old and she is a lawyer who considers herself a very adventurous person who loves nature and the outdoors. She loves safaris and has plans of touring the world at some point in her life. She is a focused and career driven and believes in work first before pleasures.

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Her ideal date has to be tall, dark and muscular guy who takes pride in being well groomed, clean, a Christian and must be career driven; preferably between the ages of 27-35. She says he has to be compassionate to her and everyone around him and an intellectual.

We thought this was a classic T.D.H situation (Tall, Dark and Handsome) but it seems Kimberly wants her date to possess a bit more qualities. Let’s meet her potential suitors to see if she will find her match:

Suitor 1: Tawanda

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Currently managing a convenience store in Lusaka, 25 year old Tawanda describes himself as outgoing, open minded, funny and very sarcastic. His friends think he is very understanding and wears his heart on his sleeves always.

Suitor 2: Sunday

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A man of many hats, Sunday is a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and a trained clergy man. This 28 year old man like to be there for his friends and will go out of his way to help people around him attain their true potentials.

Suitor 3: Musenge

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This 28 year old software developer and creative artiste describes himself as quiet, a good listener, and an open minded person; though his close friends believe he is very talkative. Oh, did we mention he loves his beer too?

After three totally different dinner dates with the families and friends of his hopefuls, Kimberly now has to make her choice and though Tawanda’s friends may have ruffled her feathers a bit, she felt they best represented him and thus, her choice was informed based on that.

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Kimberly was clearly impressed with Tawanda and the way he navigated through the dinner date conversations and even more impressed at his wit and command of sarcasm. This may have titillated her senses and dare we say that little ‘pants-less’ guy named Cupid may have hit a bulls-eye on this one?

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