Kamillah makes the cut for Beston – Date My Family Zambia

11 March 2019
Beston is seeking a woman who he gels with, but he will have to dine with their families first
beston and kamillah ep 2 dmfzambia s3

Beston Fenny Hamoya aka Bunty Fenny is a 29 year old sales manager and an aspiring musician who has been single for 4 months but is ready to settle down with the right woman.

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Beston wants a partner who is self-motivating, beautiful on the inside and out, and also supportive of his side hustle; making music. He will be relying on all his skills as a sales man to close the deal on his next relationship, but first he will have to dine out with the families of all three hopefuls.

Hopeful 1: Olivia

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She is a 22 year old medical student who loves singing, dancing and socializing. Her friends think she has a loving heart. She hates bossy and controlling men and sees that as her major deal breakers.

Hopeful 2: Kamillah

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This 20 year old 2nd year clinical medicine student enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Her past relationships have made her hate what she refers to as a ‘mama’s boy’, or liars. Her dislikes are pretentious and insecure people.

Hopeful 3: Bernice

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This 24 year old arts teacher loves reading, writing and playing basketball. She wants a man who loves to laugh and read. She considers herself a sapiosexual (someone who is attracted to the other person’s intellect).

Though Beston may have worked up a sweat while dining with the families of the hopefuls, making up his mind seemingly came easy to him, as he chose Kamillah.

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As the date wore on, they both seemed to have been exactly what they desired in their potential partners and without being prompted, seemingly confirmed that there would be a second date. Well done Bunty Fenny, that seemed like a straight forward deal to close. Should we expect to see you guys on the next episode of MKPZambia?

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