Doris Azedi and Mapalo – Date My Family Zambia

04 February 2019
Doris likes her men tall, fit and focused on their personal goals, not too much to ask for, right?
doris and mapalo dmfzambia ep 10

Doris Azedi Phiri is a 21-year-old medical student and part time model who loves the finer things in life. She enjoys going out with her friends, swimming (even though she doesn’t know how), and considers herself as a lively outgoing person.

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Doris considers herself as an empath who tries her best to understand people and shows everybody respect. After being single for a year, she is ready to mingle and her date has to be tall, well built, respectful, clean Christian man. Not really a tall order to fill, right? Let’s check out our three hopeful suitors then.

Suitor 1: Kambani

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This 25 year old biomedical graduate describes himself as a strong, open-minded who isn’t easily influenced by the things or people around him. He considers himself as a guy who has a vision and a goal about improving his life and strives to attain his goals.

Suitor 2: Mapalo

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The 20-year-old entrepreneur and artiste considers himself as an adventurous, funny and weird person who always tries to see the good in everyone. He is also a photographer and a part time model who takes pride in his physical appearance.

Suitor 3: Elliot

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A bar tender by profession, this 23-year-old guy considers himself a funny, simple, humble and down to earth man who is easy to talk to. He also enjoys making new friends and playing video games.

Kambani’s family seemed very cagey when asked questions about him, Mapalo’s family was warm and receiving, and Elliot’s family seemed very judgmental; and when it was time to choose which suitor she would be going on the date with, Mapalo got the nod.

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As the date wore on, Mapalo seemed to have formed his opinion about Doris when he asked her if she would go on a second date with him. Doris also seemed excited about the prospect of getting to know Mapalo better, so we shall wait to see just how these two get along.

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