DMF Zambia: Monique Kashito gets her date

24 November 2017
Monique Kashito's ideal date is light skinned, tall, and has a good sense of humour
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On the second episode of Date My Family Zambia, Monique our bachelorette is a 22 year old law student and part time model has been single for the last 10 months due to the fact that she has uncompromising parameters when it comes to picking her ideal date. She would love for her ideal date to be light skinned, God fearing, possess a healthy sense of humor and must be taller than she is. Not too much to ask for, right?

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After going on a date with the families of her 3 potential dates, Monique Kashito ultimately picked the 3rd potential date as her option because he seemed to fit the bill better than the first 2 guys as the new couple went on their first date; getting to know each other better and explore the possibilities of a future together.

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As the couple contemplate a future together, the tweeps had a filled day posting their comments about the show and the episode’s families as well as some of the comments from the episode. Here are a few posts that got our TL buzzing.

The fear of FOMO is real though as evident with some of the posts we saw on our TL:

But all I all, the general consensus is that the viewers are loving the show and can't seem to get enough of the humourous drama it brings.

We wish you all the best Monique and Stephan!


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