DMF Zambia: Chi-Chi Lusumpa’s down to earth date with James Banda

12 February 2018
With dinner dates with the families of all three potentials, Chinyimba had to make her choice based on which family best represented their potential
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Chinyimba Daisy Lusumpa is a 25 year old TV personality who has had to endure and off and on relationship for a while before finally calling it quits. She remained single for a few months to refocus on her career and now she feels she is ready to get back in the saddle and tackle this obstacle called relationships.

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Armed with this new mindset, she is poised to go on dates with the families of three lined up potentials in a bid to find that one guy who not only smells good, but dresses well and is armed with a go-getter spirit and a drive to excel. With the dinner dates lined up, her first home is that of James Banda. Second home is that of Andrew Malonda and last but not the least is the home of Bright Nyirenda. With all three dinners done, Chi-Chi has to make a choice as to who she feels was best represented by their families, and who’s life aspirations best aligns with her. Her choice was potential number one: James Banda.

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While the couple enjoyed their date, we decided to give them some privacy while the stalked the Twitter streets to find out what the Tweeps were saying about the date. Needless to say, the Tweeps had quite a bit to say about the finale of Date My Family Zambia.

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