Caleb Chisha’s Muse – Date My family Zambia

10 December 2018
Caleb is a visual artiste in search for his muse
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32-year-old visual artist and painter Caleb Chisha is a man who can’t seem to run from the spotlight. Growing up, he wanted to be a musician and though his family dissuaded him from pursuing this line of work, the arts have a hold on him and he found himself becoming a visual artist, and a good one at that too.

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Caleb has been single for 8 months and feels it is time for him to find that special someone who wouldn’t criticize him or his line of work but encourage him to excel with his art pieces and become a great and internationally renowned painter. Below are the hopefuls from which he must choose one:



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She is a 27-year-old events planner who loves the outdoors. She hates lazy people, liars and people with an entitlement mentality.


Victoria Lisimba:

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A 23-year-old final year student majoring in public administration. She describes herself as funny, spontaneous and easy to talk to.


Martha Mwenya:

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A 30-year-old trained chef who describes herself as down to earth, spontaneous and hardworking. She loves swimming, movies and cooking dates with her friends.

Caleb has strict requirements for his muse, and quibs “I am a public figure, so my girl must be beautiful”. With all three dinner dates with the respective families done, Caleb pulls up to Mweshi’s house for his fourth date with his potential.

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Not sure if he was really impressed with her or her questions, so he ends the date by hoping to keep her as a friend rather than a partner. Better luck in your endeavors Caleb, we hope you find your muse soon enough.

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