A lot of Sunshine on Thandy’s Day – My Kitchen Party

19 November 2018
We celebrate meet the groom’s mother at what is supposed to be Thandy’s kitchen party event
sunshine and thandy and chenda mkp ep 24

Thandy Kananjiska first met Chenda when her cousin introduced them to each other and the pair hit it off almost instantly, because it seemed like a joke. Her cousin was hell bent on pairing them together and declared from the jump that they were both made for each other.

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The pair dated for a few years and the groom felt it was time to propose to the new love of his life and opted to propose to his wife on his mother’s birthday. A clear sign that he wanted both special women to feel important. But a twist develops as the groom’s mother decided to switch things up by turning the Kitchen party into a “Meet The Groom’s Mother” event.

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A quick rallying up of her friends to set u the committee and program of the day and we are in full swing for the first episode of “Meet The Groom’s Mother”. Let us check out some of the highlights from this epoch making event.

Sunshine's Committee

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Meet Sunshine, the groom's mother

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Groom's aunt gets in on the act

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Guest of Honor has a few words to say

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D-Day and we unveil the Groom's Mother

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Welcome the groom and bride

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Sunshine and her sisters

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Presentation of gifts to the groom and bride

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Sunshine gets gifts and hugs

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Today's episode of Meet the Groom's Mother has surely been an eye opener as we have seen Sunshine show her love for her son and his new bride. 

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