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Fun Facts: Umkhokha the Curse

09 March 2023
*Spoiler Alert*

* Umkhokha: The Curse (telenovela) is a spin-off prequel from the drama series Umkhokha.
* Umkhokha The Curse started on Monday 6 March and will air 5 days a week at 20:30.
* The telenovela Umkhokha The Curse takes the viewer to the beginning of how, when and why the family “curse” started. Something which was not covered in the drama series.

What to expect in the telenovela:

* Viewers will be taken back to when MaMzobe steals her father’s “isikwama” and how her father committed suicide.
MaMzobe father's body was not “lashed” and viewers find out that is why the Mzobe family is cursed. Had the body been lashed the curse would have been stopped.

* The telenovela reveals the full backstories of all the characters, which the drama series did not have time to reveal.

Eg: MaMzobe fell pregnant and is now watching MaNzimande living the life she was supposed to be living. You know what they say: “No one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love.”

The battle between the Mthembu’s and Gumedes intensifies. Many more secrets are revealed. The telenovela will explain why Ithempeli Lenkosi church became such a deadly/evil battleground. There will be more twists, new storieslines and plots never seen in the drama series.

Don’t forget to tune in Monday to Friday on Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 20.30. Did you know that when you're too busy to watch during the week, you can binge watch the omnibus on Sundays from 10:00 to midday.

Umkhokha The Curse is also available to watch on Catch Up.

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