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Mzansi’s Mixed Emotions to Bhambatha & Thando’s Love Story – The Queen

05 May 2022
We share three reasons on why Mzansi is invested in the relationship of Bhambatha Khoza and Thando Sebata from The Queen Season 6 on Mzansi Magic.
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We’ve seen them hanging out at shisa nyama’s, on the stoep of a shop, restaurants, and even going on walks through open fields. We’ve even seen them giggling with each other in hotel rooms…

Yes, Thando Sebata and Bhambatha Khoza from The Queen Season 6 on Mzansi Magic are in love with each other. Thando, who is known as Kefiloe to Bhambatha, has not revealed what her father’s surname is nor has she asked Bhambatha about his.

While many of Mzansi’s viewers feel that the two are an odd match, others are rooting for the two lovers.

Here are three reasons that Mzansi is invested in Thando (aka Kefiloe) and Bhambatha's relationship...

#1. When he calls Kefiloe "Mama", our hearts melt...

#2. Their relationship is the definition of "love is blind"

#3. We're waiting for the moment that Kefiloe (aka Thando) or Bhambatha finds out who each other’s parents are – we're here for the drama of it all.

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