Noma and Bhovu are on again! – The Queen

27 August 2021
Happily ever after for our faves?
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We love Brurus and Noma, we're just not sure about how we feel about them ,together.

The two have tried their game at this romance thing and let's just say it ended in tears.

Here's a little recap below:

However our couple is back at it again and here's how this bad romance has transpired: 

1. Friends with benefits to full blown mjolo

It started out as a casual fling, and the two agreed they would just stick to fun in the sheets. However, they just couldn't help but catch feelings and make it official. 

2. Brutus realises he's  not the sharing type 

When Brutus walked in on Nioma on a date with another man,he realised  that his relationship with her meant more than he realised.

Watch our uncle catch all the feelings here:

3. Happily ever after?

It seems inspite of all the drama, Brutus is head over heels with Noma he's even willing to give her his last name! After much drama and heartbreak, he finally pulls off the perfect proposal and Noma says YES! But there's one more spanner in the works, Mam Lungile, Brutus Khoza's first wife is here to make sure her man doesn't make the biggest mistake of hs life, Will they overcome this hurdle and finally live happily ever after?

4. Isithembu loading

We never thought we would see the day that two grown women fight for Uncle Brutus and his affection. It seems like Noma is not letting go of her man anytime soon, while Mam Lungile is determind to show her who the real queen of the castle is. Can Brutus handle the realities of having two demanding wives?

Mzansi seems to be conflicted about whether these two honestly belong together and we totally get it, they just seem to invite too much drama,

This is what Twitter has to say: 

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