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The Next Day You’re Out – Project Runway SA

22 August 2018
In an episode of goodbyes, we bid Gift farewell and Siphosihle said goodbye to his alliance.
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The Sexy Lexus LC 500

The episode started with fatigued designers, but their mood lifted once Gert pulled up in the beautifully crafted Lexus LC 500. The designers had to create a red carpet look inspired by the incredibly seductive Japanese created car.

Mean Girls

A few weeks ago, alliances were formed among the designers. We were quite unsure as to what their impact would be in a competition where ones fate is determined by the judges, but it seems that being out the alliance is painful. Our resident drama queen Siphosihle told the alliance that Project Runway SA is The Kentse Show… He was swiftly exiled from the group consisting of Sandile, Gift and Kentse. Stephen joked with him saying “Girl, the one day you're in, the next day you're out” to which we all laughed.

That Jacket Looks Cheap as Chips

After seeing the episodes promo last week, we have been impatiently waiting to see which designers jacket, Rahim disliked so much that he called it cheap as chips. After much conjecturing on Twitter it turns out it was Sandile’s crocodile, suede jacket. We might have cried but the courageous Sandile took it in his stride and laughed it off.

Jaime Wins

Jaime had all but given up on the idea of winning a challenge but as the world would have it, just as you are about to give in, you get what you have been working towards. He created the Lexus LC 500 re-incarnated into a red carpet dress. A huge congratulations to Jaime on his first win!

Goodbye Gift

Gift has been as his namesake an absolute gift to have on the Project Runway show. He has experienced this show in all it had give, from being at the very top to being at the very bottom. Safe was not an option for him as he believed it was a nice way of saying that one is boring. His aim in this episode was to design for the world to see who he was a designer. We wish him farewell.

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