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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work – Project Runway SA

05 September 2018
The designers work in pairs to create interchangeable outfits and Stephen finally secures his first win.


There is no ‘I ‘in ‘team’ and so when a team challenge was announced we were all a bit nervous as the designers are all quite outspoken, with different aesthetics and we did not see working in teams going down well. We expected to see screaming matches and workroom walkouts, but we were pleasantly surprised when the designers were perfect teammates, listening to each other’s opinions and being cordial towards each other. Boy, did they disappoint the drama loving popcorn eating viewers amongst us.

The Teams

Khanyi Dhlomo

Her majesty, the queen, founder and CEO of Ndalo Media, Khanyi Dhlomo graced us mere mortals with her presence. As you know Project Runway SA in Ndalo Media’s first venture into television and Khanyi came on as guest judge and she oozed grace, sophistication and timeless beauty, can she please point us in the direction of eternal youth?


Sandile gave us our first taste of Zunglish last night. He made us realize that no one can ever correct you for mispronunciation, you just tell them you’re speaking another language, Tswanglish, Xhenglish, Pedilish etc. For future don’t get it twisted, cohesive is no longer koʊˈhiːsɪv, it is now koʊˈherːsɪv.

Stephen Secures a Win

Stephen has been a firm favourite on the social media streets and the judges have always given him multiple nods but he has never won a challenge until last night! Needless to say his Twitter army was elated. It was a well deserved win because wow, his outfit was life!

Siphosihle eliminated      

Our favourite cat with 10 lives has sadly exited the Project Runway SA building. The judges seemed to love his bomber jacket with Lerato expressing that she loved his entire outfit but Rahim was not crazy about his banana pants. As fate would have it, Siphosihle and Jaime ended up being the losing team and Siphosihle was eliminated from the show. As he expressed last week, he’s not ice-cream, not everyone is going to like him but we have seen there are many of you that love his flavour. Project Runway SA has been the perfect platform for him to reach the many supporters he has. We saw so many orders for that bomber jacket on Twitter and we know that he will only rise from strength to strength.

With Siphosihle’s exit we are finally at the top five. Remember that only three will make it to the finale with one walking away with the amazing prizes that including a pop-up store at Paris Fashion Week. You too can be a winner, enter our weekly competition now.

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