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Victor & Jennifer

Love at first sight is a beautiful way to say a love story started. But that's certainly not the way Victor and Jennifer's love story began. In fact, the opposite was true for them. They lived in the same neighbourhood, but it wasn't until they were forced into each other's company in the church choir that Victor fell for Jennifer, but Jennifer grew more and more annoyed with him, his presence, his pride, and his less than impressive singing voice.

So strong was her dislike for him that everyone in the choir knew about it. Unaware of his rather shaky position with Jennifer, Victor made a strong pursuit for her, and managed to thaw her heart. Jennifer had to go to her church mates, with her tail between her legs, and let them know that the man she couldn't stand, she has now fallen for.

Tragedy marred this otherwise beautiful love story when the couple fell pregnant and lost their baby eleven days after the birth. They fell pregnant again and suffered a miscarriage. A third pregnancy was carried to term and their baby Joy was born.

Their wedding was a celebration of love that conquers all, love that endures the trials of life.