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Vusi & Mmabatho

When Vusi met Mmabatho, she didn't exactly make a good impression on him. According to him, she was loud, obnxious and well... dirty. That's not exactly how people generally want their love story to begin. But the next time he met her on the same bus he first saw her in, she was all scrubbed up and looking decent. From then one, he tried all he could to find a seat next to her. He eventually succeeded, and then he got her phone number.

It was Vusi's gentle approach that won Mmabatho over. He was a model gentleman, not even wanting to come into the house when he came calling.

Though they faced opposition from their adult children and their past loves, the couple strengthened their resolve to not only stay together, but to make their relationship official by getting married. Today, their children have adjusted and they have a beautiful blended family.