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Tshepo & Busi

Tshepo and Busi first met many many years ago when they were paired up in the bridal party of a wedding, and Busi quickly developed a crush on Tshepo. A week after the wedding, Tshepo paid her a visit and they took a walk, during which Tshepo asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes.

The broke up for many years when Tshepo found himself in the corporate world, unable to handle a relationship with a schoolgirl. Busi was crushed. Tshepo got into another relationship and had a baby with another woman.

Because true love will always find a way, the couple reunited years later and got engaged. Their relationship suffered another setback when a week after their engagement party, Tshepo, who is in the SANDF, was deployed to Sudan for a year. Busi was crushed, but determined to support her man, remained patient, and after a year, they had a beautiful, emotional reunion at the airport, and then went home to continue planning their wedding.