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Tshepiso & Lerato

Tshepiso and Lerato may be young, but they know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. The young couple met in high school, where Lerato had a huge crush on clueless Tshepiso for years. She hinted and hinted and hinted, but serial dater Tshepiso was having none of it, until one day when he decided to give a relationship with her a shot.

There was one problem, though; Tshepiso was already in a relationship, and she kept it from Lerato. When Lerato found out he was seeing someone else while seeing her, it didn't move her at all. She'd liked him and had wanted to be with him for so long, she knew she didn't want to let go. She would wait for him to end his relationship with the other woman.

True enough, he did, and the two became exclusive. Since they were always together anyway, their parents got them a place together, but they slept in separate bedrooms, of course. No funny business until the wedding! Or so they claim.

They tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony followed by a traditional themed reception.