Lucky & Sibongile

Lucky & Sibongile

Lucky met his sweetheart Sibongile at a popular drinking spot (even though she doesn't touch the stuff) while she was being harassed by a man whose advances towards her were unwelcome. Lucky saw it as the perfect opportunity to play hero and rescue his damsel in distress. He approached her asking to talk to her, and just like that Sibongile was able to walk away from a situation she'd rather have not been in.

They spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other, and even though Lucky tried to coax Sibongile into spending the night with him, a coy Sibongile showed him the mitten. The next day, they had their second date, and it ended up with the couple spending the night together, drawing the ire of Lucky's mother.

Years passed and their love grew, and from that love a child was born. Sibongile lost her mother and Lucky decided to honour his promise to her late mother to always take care of her, by asking for her hand in marriage. She agreed.

Being the fun, free spirited couple they are, their wedding was filled with much dancing, and just as much love.