Lucas & Millicent

Lucas & Millicent

When Lucas first saw Millicent, he was completely taken by her. They were at a wedding, and he asked for her name. Millicent, not wanting to appear rude, introduced herself and walked away.

Lucas then came back to her and professed his love for her. She dismissed him, but her dismissal was met by defiance from Lucas, who persisted.

Not feeling comfortable anymore, Millicent voiced her annoyance to the person who had invited her to the wedding, who promptly sent people to beat him up. That's when Lucas got down on his knees, begging for a chance to get to know Millicent. That changed everything for her, and a relationship started. Soon afterwards, with a makeshift ring made out of a sweet wrapper, Lucas proposed to Millicent, and she gladly accepted.

Millicent is known to be stubborn and defiant, but something in Lucas softens her up and something in Millicent brings out Lucas' romantic side. It's a match made in heaven.