Lucky & Tebogo

Lucky & Tebogo

Lucky Maluleka (30) is completely enamoured with his partner, Tebogo Mahlo (26), whom he met at church.

After matric, Lucky did the unexpected; instead of enrolling at the Wits Business School, he enrolled at Bible School and, after completing his studies there, joined UNISA. He often used the church as a place of study and, not so long after, other students joined him. Tebogo was one of the students that joined the study group sessions.

About a week after Tebogo had joined the group, Lucky approached her and confessed his feelings for her but, to his disappointment, Tebogo would hear none of it. In fact, she asked him what type of a preacher he was, making a pass at the very people he should be pastoring.

Although Lucky says that he had anticipated the response he got from Tebogo, he was still hurt as he had seen someone that he felt he could spend the rest of his life with. He did not give up and tried his luck again on one afternoon when he was walking Tebogo home. She finally agreed to give their relationship a try.

Lucky says that he loves Tebogo’s gentle soul and honest nature and that he fell in love with the genuine and kind person that she is. Tebogo says that she found that Lucky spoke life into hers and that she appreciates how he encourages and strengthens her in every situation.

Lucky is thrilled to finally be getting married to the love of his life and Tebogo says that she agreed to marry him because, firstly, he is a catch of a pastor and he's also kind, well-spoken and loving.