Elias & Kedibone Image : 163

Elias & Kedibone

Don't write off social media if you're trying to find the love of your life! Elias and Kedibone met on WeChat, when she was scrolling through the app, trying to get accustomed to it. She saw a profile picture of a handsome young man that caught her attention. The handsome young man's attention had also been caught by Kedibone, and not wasting any time, he sent her a message.

They chatted on WeChat until 4am the next morning, then excahnged numbers. When it came time to meet, Kedibone was hesitant because of her weight, thinking Elias would be out off by it. He wasn't, and the chemistry was instant. Twenty days later, so convicted was he by Kedibone, he popped the big question. When you know, you know!