Edwin & Nokuthula

Edwin & Nokuthula

Nokuthula really wasn't interested in a relationship when she met Edwin. A youth leader, all she wanted was for him to motivate her mentees. But the minute Edwin saw Nokuthula seated at church, he was taken by her. He took his pursuit really slowly, making a habit of calling her every day, but not declaring his intentions to her until she noticed the chemistry between them.

Nokuthula found herself won over by him, and a romance began. She shared with him that her dream was to get married at the age of 25, and he made sure to make it happen, despite her parents expecting her to wait a little longer before getting hitched.

Nokuthula says she loves the love that Edwin shows to her, and Edwin says he really appreciates the respect she shows him. The couple wed in a church ceremony, that had no less than four outfit changes! Ndebele culture met Sepedi traditions, and the result was a colourful spectacular.