Our Perfect Wedding: Dumile & Esther Image : http://mzansimagic.dstv.com/wp-content/uploads//2015/08/Esther-wedding3.jpg

Dumile & Esther

Groom: Dumile Novukela (26)

Bride: Esther Saunders (23)

Esther and Dumile met five years ago at News cafe, Sun Coast Casino. She was out with her friend and Dumile was also having dinner with his friends. The shy Dumile solicited the help of his friend to snatch the dame.

They started chatting on Facebook until it was obvious that Dumile was interested in being more to her. Their biggest challenge to-date is that Esther is currently based in The Middle East and Dumile stays in their home KwaZulu Natal.

"When I'm around Dumile, I feel like I'm at home. And he just makes me a better version of myself," Esther says. "I know that when I'm with her I'm happy - full stop," Dumile echoes his bride's sentiments.