Gugu & Nhlanhla

Gugu & Nhlanhla

Gugu and Nhlanhla met as they were both coming back from a long day at work. Nhlanhla got lost and needed help finding taxis home. that's where Gugu, a helpful stranger, stepped in and pointed him in the right direction.

Months later, Nhlanhla visited the hair salon where Gugu worked, for a haircut, and was immediatley recognised by her. Nhlanhla on the other hand, just saw a pretty lady and took her number from a board at the salon.

They started chatting and quickly fell for each other, but they were still in relationships with other people. As time went on, they realised it was each other that they wanted to be with. Gugu, much to her dad's chagrin, ended her engagement, and Nhlanhla broke up with his girlfriend, and they were freee to openly be with each other.