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Puleng and Khehla’s love story – OPW

14 February 2021
She didn’t think much of his advances at first.
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It is often said, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Puleng (34) knows this, for when she met Khehla (39) he was promoting CDs in town with a friend and she had no idea that one day he’d be the man she marries.

The couple met way back in 2004. Puleng was part of a local choir at that time. They bumped into each other and while they both eyed each other, Puleng didn’t think much of it until the day they met while he was promoting CDs in town.

Khehla asked her for her number and she gave him, and they started chatting. They only started dating a few months later and Khehla admits that she gave him quite the run around at first though. Puleng laughed, as she told of how she didn’t think much of his advances at first.

One year into their relationship, Puleng fell pregnant with their first daughter. Puleng’s mom had a hard time coming to terms with her pregnancy. Khehla had to step up and prove to Puleng’s family that he was a responsible man, and it was then that Puleng’s mom came around.


Khehla got retrenched six months after he got a permanent job at some point, and Puleng became the breadwinner. It was a difficult time for them, but they managed to pull through.

Tonight, they invite you to join their friends and family, as they are joined in holy matrimony.


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