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Mr and Mrs Molantwa – OPW Image : 26132
Bridesmaids with options – OPW Image : 26130
Bridesmaids with options – OPWTumelo’s bridesmaid, Mpumi tries on her dress and explains how they chose it.
Outdoor wedding vibes – OPW Image : 26137
Outdoor wedding vibes – OPWThe venue matches the bride’s personality, its full of life. She can’t wait to walk down the aisle.
Mr and Mrs Ribeiro – OPW Image : 26098
Mr and Mrs Ribeiro – OPWMarlene and Hernani exchange vows and are announced husband and wife.
Fine dining cuisine – OPW Image : 26099
Fine dining cuisine – OPWMarlene gives full marks to the three course meal Rosemary and her team have prepared for the food tasting.
Marlene’s very own Frank Sinatra – OPW Image : 26097
Marlene’s very own Frank Sinatra – OPWMarlene can’t stop gushing over Hernani in his suit. She and Khanyisa agree that he’s our very own Frank Sinatra.
Welcoming MaKhumalo –  OPW Image : 26073
Welcoming MaKhumalo – OPWThe Khumalo and Cele families meet in the veld, dance and Mpumalanga is welcomed traditionally into the Cele family.
Mr and Mrs Cele  –  OPW Image : 26076
Mr and Mrs Cele – OPWMpumalanga and Mduduzi exchange vows, and the pastor blesses their marriage. They then seal their marriage with a kiss.
Picture this – OPW Image : 26075
Picture this – OPWMpumalanga and Mduduzi’s white wedding cake is a surprise, courtesy of Nadia.
Ticking all the boxes – OPW Image : 26074
Ticking all the boxes – OPWMpumalanga’s dress is ticking off all the boxes she set out for it. It looks good on her, she loves it and it’s stylish.
Mr and Mrs Raphalalani – OPW Image : 26006
Mr and Mrs Raphalalani – OPWLydia and Richard exchange rings and the pastor prays for them thereafter.
Wowed by the groom in blue – OPW Image : 26005
Wowed by the groom in blue – OPWLydia, her sister Magdeline and Richard’s aunt Gladys are wowed by Richard in his tailored suit. Richard does a twirl for them, getting them even more excited.
Mr and Mrs Mohlabeng – OPW Image : 25978
Mr and Mrs Mohlabeng – OPWBusisiwe and Pheeha exchange vows and rings, and are declared husband and wife. They then seal their union with a kiss.
Hot like a heatoor – OPW Image : 25977
Hot like a heatoor – OPWGoodness gives Busisiwe a simple, yet stunning look and they all agree she looks gorgeous. Busisiwe hopes Pheeha will cry when he sees her walk down the aisle.
Busisiwe is an entire vibe – OPW Image : 25976
Busisiwe is an entire vibe – OPWBusisiwe couldn’t wait to get a chance to do a twirl in her wedding gown for Nomsa and her entourage. The excitement from everybody literally filled the room.
Mr and Mrs Mphupha – OPW Image : 25944
Mr and Mrs Mphupha – OPWNomvuyo and Abram exchange rings and are blessed by the officiating pastor.
Picture perfect – OPW Image : 25943
Picture perfect – OPWNomvuyo can already picture herself taking pictures at different angles at this breath-taking venue.
Practice makes perfect – OPW Image : 25942
Practice makes perfect – OPWNomvuyo and Abram take turns to help each other fit their wedding rings.
Mr and Mrs Maepa – OPW Image : 25931
Mr and Mrs Maepa – OPWShonisani and Mohube exchange vows and seal their union with a kiss.
Cake galore – OPW Image : 25933
Cake galore – OPWAll Mohube wants is for everybody to get a piece of cake at the wedding.
Outdoor vibes – OPW Image : 25932
Outdoor vibes – OPWShonisani and Mohume had two options for their matrimonial to choose from, and they choose the outdoors.
Mr and Mrs Mkhonza –  OPW Image : 25877
Mr and Mrs Mkhonza – OPWNolwazi and Calving cement their love by exchanging vows, and seal it with a kiss.
Man of the house –  OPW Image : 25875
Man of the house – OPWKhanyisa is intrigued by the material used to make Calvin’s suit. Both Nolwazi and Calvin are happy with it.
Elegant peplum dress –  OPW Image : 25874
Elegant peplum dress – OPWNolwazi can’t stop smiling in her peplum dress. We agree with Khanyisa, she looks stunning!
Mr and Mrs Molantwa – OPW

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