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Nthabiseng and Thabo’s love story – OPW

21 February 2021
He was friends with her father.
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While Nthabiseng (38) and Thabo Seqaqa (42) have lived on the same street since they were children, they only got to know each other in 2010.

Nthabiseng would pass by Thabo’s house every day on her way to and from work and Thabo revelead that she refused to date him at first. Luckily for him, he was friends with her father. This somehow made it easy for him to see her and try talk her into giving him a chance.

Nthabiseng said she refused to give into his advances because she doubted his ability to provide as a man at first. Little did she know that Thabo actually had a side hustle. “I was offended at first, and only her father knew what I was doing at that time,” he admitted.

In January 2015, they were all together at her house and he decided to chat to her on WhatsApp, since they were surrounded by family most of the time. She suggested he accompanied her outside to get the laundry off the washing line, and when they got back, they talked for like 10 minutes and then took a nap.

Nthabiseng likes the fact that he’s sincere. She said this melts her heart. He likes that she’s full of love and doesn’t give up easily.


Nthabiseng went to live with Thabo in Cape Town at some point and her parents were not too happy about this. What made things worse was the fact that she hid their marriage from them, yikes! But they managed to talk it out as a family.  

Nthabiseng said they invited #OurPerfectWedding because she was inspired by the beautiful weddings on the show, and tonight we get to witness theirs.


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