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Nono and Hloni’s love story – OPW

28 February 2021
They met on Facebook.
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Hloni (43) Mofokeng was browsing through Facebook profiles, when he came across Nono’s (42) what he didn’t know was what Nono thought of him when he sent her a Friend Request.  

This was back in 2015, and Nono immediately accepted. “I told myself I had found myself the one,” she laughed as she told us her side of the story. She admitted to inquiring about where he lived and what he did for a living.

After chatting for a while, Hloni decided to go meet her. Nono was with a friend and they hoped into Hloni’s car, and she admitted to being impressed by him her by the way, LOL! Hloni on the other hand, first thought she was a bit materialistic but that soon changed after getting to know her a bit more.

They would meet regularly but on the weekend Nono go out with friends and that didn’t sit well with Hloni at first. Nono recalled how he would never end a call without telling her he loves her, and that’s what he loves about him.


Hloni’s ex proved to be a huge challenge. Nono and Hloni’s ex-girlfriend lived on the same street. Nono ended up getting a Protection Order against Hloni’s ex-girlfriend. Things have turned around for the better though between all three of them, and tonight Nono and Hloni celebrate their fifth year anniversary.


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