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Kerschia and Dorsaint's love story – OPW

04 August 2019
It wasn't love at first sight, but love came with time!
<p>Kershaint and Dorsaint</p>

Kerschia (32) and Dorsaint (30) met through a mutual friend in 2012 . "I was single but not ready to mingle, I was very defensive and not looking for a relationship." recalls Kerschia. Her best friend, Veruskha was on a mission to hook her up! She convinced her to meet up with her friend, over wine at her place and Kerchia agreed.

Kerschia and Dorsaint were introduced, and then left alone to mingle over a bottle of wine, it wasn't love at first sight for her though. " I wasn't really interested at all. " she recalls.

However, Dorsaint gave Kerschia his number and left it up to her to contact him, should she be interested. The next day she sent him a text message and he responded, a week later they met up and went on an official date.

"After the movies, we had lunch and we spoke and decided to stay in contact.” After 6 months of casually dating Dorsaint asked Kerschia if she would flow with him, a term used in the Congo for date exclusively. 

The two have had two beautiful children since and it's safe to say Kerschia fell and fell hard! The couple have experienced minor challenges due to the cultural differences, however they managed to work through them. " It was my first time hearing about 50/50 and equal partnership." Which he says coming from the Congo, is not the traditional way of conducting things.

The couple have since learned to compromise and value their differences instead of shun them. Dorsaint admits one of the reasons he loves Kerschia is that she is very much like his mom, who he hasn’t seen in 10 years. She will however be at his big day!

“It’s okay to date outside of your racial group, I want to inspire my friends as well as South Africa with our love story.” Says Kerschia. Tonight, join them as they celebrate their union as Mr and Mrs Mudiavita. 

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