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Chene and Justin's love story – OPW

28 July 2019
Timing is everything, just ask Chene and Justin!
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Chene Damon ( 24) and Justin Afrika (28) met on MXit in 2011 and they started chatted casually as friends, she initially decided that he wasn't her type. She felt they were not compatible at that time due to the lifestyle he was living, he was always out with friends and drinking. Chene was more the church girl, a born again believer who was dedicated to God and his calling.  

In 2015 they connected again on Facebook after Justin added Chene, the two still continued to be friends chatting and talking daily. She still felt that his lifestyle, his values and his morals didn't align with hers but she still valued him as a friend. "We went through a rough patch but we got to know each other better." recalls Chene.   

Chene asked Justin to cone to church with her and he refused, until one day he finally said yes. " He eventually came to visit my church and he hasn't left ever since." The two still remained friends as Justin wanted to explore religion for himself and not for Chene. "I first needed to find myself in God in Christ, so that I can know where I am." Says Justin.

In 2017, they decided to take their relationship to the next level, Justin asks for Chene's hand in marriage by first approaching her father. Her father said yes and he waited for the perfect opportunity.  

They had a family event and he surprised her with a proposal, she was overwhelmed and happy! “He proposed in front of people who were a critical part of the journey, and I really appreciated that.” Recalls Chene.

The two have since lived separately and remained pure, only to be united as husband and wife this week. Join them on their blessed wedding day this Sunday at 7pm.

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