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11 years lost – Isibaya

15 April 2020
Nombulelo is full of surprises, and not the kind that are good for Vava Voom and Dam Dam’s marriage.
11 years lost isibaya aricle

At first she came to Lillian’s Bread and Breakfast looking for job. It seemed harmless enough until she would not give Sis Lillian any room to breathe and decide if she wanted to give Nombulelo the job. Lillia woke up in the morning, found her cleaning and just had to appoint her the Bread & Breakfast's new assistant.

When Saddam finally saw his wife’s new recruit, he almost fell over in shock. It turns out Nombulelo is Saddam’s former flame and she has come to collect! R150 000 was the price she wanted from her ex and his new wife for her to leave the happy couple alone...forever

That revelation alone almost broke our favs’ marriage so imagine what Nombulelo’s next bomb will do to them?

Saddam and Nombulelo have an 11-year old daughter that she had been hiding from him all along. Conveniently, she brought the young girl to meet her father for the first time just as he is living with his new wife.

Now we all know Lillian to be a loving and forgiving churchgoer. She managed to forgive her daughter Beauty after she scammed her of R500 000, sold all the family taxis and ran off with Judas Ngwenya. Even when Beauty would not let go of Judas, Lillian opened her heart to her.

After forgiving Saddam for keeping Nombulelo a secret, can she now also allow his daughter in her heart and her B&B?

Vava Voom and Dam Dam came close to having their own child but lost him while Lillian was pregnant and Saddam in hospital with a bullet wound. Being father could be exactly what Saddam needs, but what about Lillian?

What about Nombulelo, the mother of his child?

It’s a love triangle like no other on Isibaya and you don’t want to miss how it all unfolds. Watch #ISIBAYA every Monday to Friday at 20:30 to see how your favourite couple gos forward.