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Meet our season 18 Top 12 – Idols SA

22 August 2022
Finally, it’s sink or sing!
Idols SA Top 12 contestants on stage

After enduring the gruelling pressure of Theatre Week, a few contestants that put in the work are officially in the running to become the next chart-topping superstar in Mzansi.

While some have an upper hand with experience, we think this year’s contestants are ready to gear up for the real battle as the Live shows begin this coming Sunday 28 August at the Heartfelt Arena. If you haven’t grabbed a ticket, click here and show up for your fave!

Unlike the past seasons, this year’s hopefuls were being cut from 32 to 12. With limited spots at the top, every contestant battled for a life-changing opportunity to earn a spot. Some left the judges in limbo, while others rose to the occasion proving they were worth the shot.  By now, we all know Theatre Week is no easy feat with the limited amount of preparation it was all down to whose vocal prowess would carry them through to the live shows. If you missed out on these solo performances then we got you covered, simply click here to watch.

Before we get wound up in all the fun things, let’s do what we’re all here for – meet the big shots of Idols SA season 18:


He describes himself as a shy and low-key guy, but on the stage, he becomes a superstar because he wants to entertain the audience. He's ready to occupy the stage vocally and spiritually


Having started singing at the age of five and participated in a lot of plays at school, she says joining the Midlands Youth Choir opened a new avenue of what music could sound like. Hope describes herself as funny, calm-spirited and weird in a good way. She's excited to find her purpose in music and what it means to be a performer now that she's officially part of the Top 12.


The self-taught musician describes himself as ambitious, and admits to being reserved, but says he is looking forward to "bringing it" on stage. During the live shows, he hopes to beat the nerves and articulate the emotions of each song without holding back but most importantly have fun.


After a decade since Lerato first entered Idols SA, she's finally back with a bang and sitting with the big shots in the season 18 Top 12. As a self-described ambivert, Lerato says she comes out of her shell when she’s singing. She hopes to inspire people to not give up on their dreams,  even if it takes forever to reach them. That's the power of dreaming and having the courage to go after what you want.


Mpilwenhle has some seriously powerful pipes and she’s just as excited to hit those notes effortlessly. She says Theatre Week has taught her to always be prepared for anything. It's about bringing your A-game. While she’s nervous about the live performances, she’s more thrilled than anything to be part of the Top 12. She's ready to leave her mark and be remembered for pouring her heart and soul into her performances. 


She describes herself as a fearless performer, and viewers can expect to see “something different” when she takes the stage. She is most excited about the live shows, something she sees as an opportunity for the whole country to experience her talent. So far, she says we can expect a "va-va-voom!" She's ready to show up and battle it out on the main stage.


Noxolo brings vocal flexibility and dexterity, her passion for music has been her biggest drive to enter Idols SA, she did not want to live in regret! She is most excited about the upcoming live performances and hopes the audience will get to connect with her. In her own words, Noxolo says viewers can expect her live performances to be unique, rare, and spiritual.


After almost giving up on her dream, she says her mum has been a big part in encouraging her to give Idols SA another go. She plans to set the stage alight and hopes that the viewers will resonate with her performances. She brings with her expansive musical experience as a background singer but being here, she's ready to step into the spotlight.


Tesmin’s resilience has seen her enter Idols SA three times. Having made it as far as the Top 16 previously, this year she hopes to make it all the way to the end. She is a keen vocalist and says viewers can expect “big vocals” from her. This year she hopes to dazzle the audience with her unique tone and vocal skills. 


After a few attempts at making a mark in the music business, he relishes being part of Idols SA, an experience he describes as the “biggest stage” he has been on. While he is open to trying out different genres, his passion lies in soul music. He describes himself as humble and dedicated, qualities he hopes will take him all the way to the end. 

Ty Loner

Ty Loner had no idea he had entered Idols SA a second time until he received a phone call – turns out his girlfriend had secretly sent in a video “just to [see] if the show would call back. Now in the Top 12, he says the experience has been memorable, fun, and wholesome. What can we expect when he hits the stage? “Viewers can expect a show. I will treat every performance as if it’s a gig. I will give it my all.


Her deep and resonant voice has left a remarkable impression on many of us and now, she's in the Top 12. Zee describes herself as a kind person who loves trying out new things. She is a self-proclaimed avid fan of Idols SA, but now that she's in the top spot she plans to give viewers her best. “It’s literally my heart that will be on that stage. I hope people feel that.”

Each contestant brings their unique tone and voice to this season, but Live shows are where the real work begins and the pressure turns up a notch. We're just as excited as they are so let the singing begin.

Catch the Idols SA contestants live on Mzansi Magic at 17:00 on Sundays. Follow the action on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram and TikTok using #IdolsSA.