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Reflecting on the season that was – BBMzansi

04 April 2024
Biggie said S'ya Mosha, and the housemates said "say no more."

As the curtains close on another wild ride of Big Brother Mzansi, season 4 has left us with enough drama to fill a year's worth of soap operas. From red cards to unexpected alliances, let's take a look into the fun and madness that unfolded within the house.

Drama central

The season blasted off with more drama than a soap opera omnibus. Bravo B found himself disqualified from the game after the first Thursday pool party, setting the tone for the chaos to come. Yolanda followed suit a few weeks later, proving that this season was no walk in the park. Makhekhe landed himself a double strike in the opening week, while Liema's spitfire attitude earned her a strike after a heated confrontation. And let's not forget Mpumi's towel debacle, resulting in yet another strike. The house was hotter than a heated frying pan, and not everyone could stand the heat.


What would a S'ya Mosha season be without Biggie's disruptors? Taki, Neo and Fahima were planted in Biggie's house as his agents of disruption and were given missions they needed to execute, and they executed with precision. Although Fahima was doubtful about her disruption tasks at some point, Neo and Taki were there to hold her hand as they held each other, even falling in love. The disruption ended with the eviction of Neo and Fahima as fans voted for Taki to become a real housemate. 

Watch the disruptors speak on their tasks: 

Love, lust and limbo

Ah, love in Biggie's house. While some were quick to label their dalliances as mere friendships, the line between love and lust blurred more often than not. Young Pappi and Zee raised eyebrows with their 'very good friends' status, complete with shared beds and kisses. But it was the isithembu saga that had tongues wagging. Jareed led the charge, with Liema, Mpumi and Els caught in the whirlwind of emotions. PapaGhost and Lerato Modise became the undisputed power couple, which has one wondering if we will have a future Big Brother Mzansi wedding. Zeenaye's hopes soared, only to crash against Sinaye's loyalty outside the house. And then there was Yokhekhe, the on-and-off marriage of Yolanda and Makhekhe, proving that love knows no bounds, even in the midst of chaos.

Watch Jareed's isithembu confusion: 

Sharp as daggers 

From  Pale's eviction, evicted housemates had the chance to kick off what would be the most fun part of watching the season: the daggers. Evicted housemates got to sling daggers at their former housemates, and on Mondays, Biggie dished out the punishments, which were pure comedy. From Jareed rocking a maid uniform and doing chores to PapaGhost and Zee decked out in clown suits and juggling, those daggers packed a sharp, swift, and hilarious punch.

A mass eviction

After a peaceful week of non-evictions, Biggie pulled out the big guns and fired four shots in one night. Meelay, Taki, Chuenzaaa, and Mich were evicted on the same night, leaving the house emptier than usual. This was a big surprise for fans, but a bigger shock for Yolanda who was left grieving the departure of her two close friends in the house, Chuenzaaa and Mich. 

Game on, game over

Big Brother himself wasn't one to shy away from stirring the pot. PapaGhost and Lerato Modise's fake eviction was merely a blip on the radar as they were whisked away to a secret cabin, plotting their return with renewed vigour. The fate room became the epicentre of nail-biting tension, with immunity for Willy and instant evictions for Lerato Modise and Liema hanging in the balance. Liema's bold exit with a hefty R250 000 cheque left the housemates reeling, wishing it was them. Oh! To have chosen that elusive red ball.

Watch Liema's fate room experience:

Clash of the Titans

With 23 personalities crammed into one space, clashes were inevitable. McJunior and PapaGhost's showdown set the stage for simmering tensions throughout the season. From verbal sparring matches to full-blown brawls, the house was a battlefield. PapaGhost found himself embroiled in conflicts with Yolanda and Makhekhe, while Mich and Els had their own fall out. And let's not forget Makhekhe's tussle with Chuenzaaa over his perceived role as PapaGhost's doormat. It was survival of the fittest, and not everyone made it out unscathed.

Watch the season's fights: 

Pleasant surprises

Which other season had housemates crying out loud for their mothers? Well, this one did. The top 10 had surprise visits from their family members with Willy, Mpumi, Zee and Yolanda receiving visits from their moms which was an emotional experience full of tears and laughs. Amidst the chaos, there were moments of pure joy. The unexpected visit of Big Brother Titans winner, Khosi Thwala, and Phila Madlingozi brought smiles to weary faces. The final Saturday night party reunited former housemates Khosi, Ntombi and Ace, Libo, Sis Tamara, Themba, Thabang, and Blue Aiva, injecting a sense of nostalgia into the game. It was a reminder that amidst the drama, there's always a glimmer of hope.

Watch the family visits: 

As McJunior emerges victorious, crowned the champion of season 4, we bid farewell to another unforgettable chapter of Big Brother Mzansi. Until next time, let's keep our eyes peeled for the next wave of drama because, in Biggie's world, anything is possible.

Inkabi yase Atlanta, Mjuneiro McJunior is the ultimate winner of Big Brother Mzansi S'ya Mosha. Stay connected to the #BBMzansi world on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and TikTok! Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 was sponsored by LottoStar and associate sponsor Captain Morgan.