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Day 32: It's a beefy situation – BBMzansi

22 February 2024
Housemates have united in their animosity towards each other.
A colourful collage of black youth

This week has been giving umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu vibes with the housemates' focus on unity within a collective. The age old saying that team work makes the dream work has been the driving force for Biggie's house, but there has been minimal embrace of its sentiments.

Since the commencement of the week, shots have been fired from all corners of the house, with housemates catching strays if they found themselves caught in the cross fire. Although the week's theme is "surrender the me for the we", some housemates have united in their animosity towards each other. Old beefs resurfaced, and new ones brewed.

Here's a look at the beef that has been served this week: 

What is a doormat?

The fake nominated housemates Chuenzaaa and Makhekhe were at each other's necks this week, a tension that many feel has been brought on by their respective nominations.

The return of Makhekhe's chommies, Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, raised tensions in the house, and it seemed everyone had an opinion on Makhekhe's friendship with them, including Chuenzaaa. He prides himself in telling it like it is so it was no surprise that Chuenzaaa was transparent about his reservations pertaining to Makhekhe's kinship. He voiced that that Makhekhe tends to alllow himself to be controlled in his friendship, being a doormat to PapaGhost. 

Watch Makhekhe's reaction here: 

A revenge nomination

Biggie threw the housemates off their game and got them summoning up bravery on the spot when they had to nominate each other for possible eviction publicly. The fake nomination process triggered the realest feelings when the housemates threw jabs at each other, nominating emotionally rather than strategically. 

Head of House Taki, set the standard for going low when he seized the opportunity to avenge himself by nominating the two housemates he has felt the most undermined by, Makhekhe and Young Pappi. 

It's apparent that HoH Taki has been harbouring tension towards the two gents after Makhekhe made advances on Neo, while Young Pappi made attempts to bad mouth him to her. The passion he displayed while putting them in their place had the social streets sbwling a man that will defend their love like he did. 

Mich made true of his promise of bringing the drama should he survive evictions this past Sunday. He wasted no time and brought a whole tree of shade to his open nomination when he dragged Sinaye for playing it safe, thus nominating him with the hope that it will drive him to actually play his game. Sinaye went lower and returned the nomination, adding that he is not two-faced, unlike Mich. 

Mich continued his mission to shake things up when he averted his attention from Sinaye to Els, who had already been alerted about his intentions to start something with her. Els chose not to attend that party and simply walked off while Mich called her names. 

Archnemeses unite

McJunior's life in Biggie's house reached peak bliss when his enemy, PapaGhost, made his exit from the house during Sunday's Eviction Show. His joy was short-lived when Big Brother returned his worries,  Lerato Modise and PapaGhost, in a life-size gift box on Tuesday evening.

Their re-entry into the game seems to have dampened McJunior's vibe, something PapaGhost has commented on, deducing that his presence is domineering that it has intimidated McJunior back into his shell. 

Watch McJunior's thoughts on PapaGhost's return:

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