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Day 32: Biggie's playbook on teamwork – BBMzansi

22 February 2024
We can all learn a thing or two from Biggie on teamwork.
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Big Brother Mzansi has kept us hooked with its drama, challenges, and most importantly, its lessons on teamwork. Week after week, we've seen housemates navigate their way through tasks, trials and tribulations, all while learning the importance of unity and collaboration. In this week's theme of "sacrificing me for we," we delve into Biggie's playbook on teamwork.

Chores and tasks 

Firstly, Big Brother sets the stage by assigning various tasks and challenges that require collective effort. Whether it's cooking meals, cleaning the house, or winning tasks, housemates quickly learn that success hinges on their ability to work together. Nothing drives this point forward more than a wager loss that leads to less food and luxuries. Biggie's playbook emphasises the idea that individual success is secondary to the overall goal of the group. The steak fight is one example of what happens when things are not navigated in unity. 

Twists and turns 

Big Brother introduces twists and turns that test the housemates' ability to adapt and cooperate. From surprise nominations to secret missions, every twist serves as a reminder that teamwork is not just about working together when it's convenient, but also when faced with adversity. Housemates learn to put aside personal differences and prioritise the greater good of the group. Biggie's recent present, for instance, has tested the foundation on which the house stands. Without it, Lerato Modise and PapaGhost's return has been met with mixed reactions. 

House meetings 

Biggie also fosters an environment where communication is key. Housemates are encouraged to express their thoughts, listen to others, and resolve conflicts amicably, mostly through house meetings. Through open dialogue and mutual respect, they build trust and strengthen their bonds - essential components of effective teamwork. Recently, Yolanda requested a meeting to openly communication her dissatisafcation with something, but the meeting caused more disharmony than unity, even leading to mich expressing his frustrations. 


The S'ya Mosha housemates had to cut grass with small scissors and scrub the floor after breaking Biggie's rules. Throughout the season, Biggie has been issuing individual microphone infringement warnings while monitoring housemates who break other house rules. The punishment was issued to the whole house and they all went on the floor and saw through their punishment. 

Watch them execute their punishment: 

The goal of the game might be to win the ultimate prize and the title, but housemates quickly learn that winning is impossible without some collaboration in the house. 

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