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Day 30: Housemates act like they've just seen a ghost – BBMzansi

20 February 2024
Makhekhe and Yolanda jumped for joy while others collapsed in shock.
People looking at others in shock

Biggie took Mzansi by storm on Sunday when Lerato Modise and PapaGhost weren't evicted but kept in a secret cabin. The cabin crew, as X coined them, is finally back, and the house is sitting on very shaky ground. They spent almost 48 hours strategising, giving housemates code names and learning a secret lingo. 

Watch how they came back to the house:

Makhekhe and Yolanda were so happy to see them that they lay in the foam from the box. The few people who received hugs from Lerato Modise included Yolanda and Zee, while no one went to PapaGhost who seemed unbothered. Instead, he started going on the hunt for his agents and chose Zee and Mich. 

A fight soon broke out in the house as Makhekhe confronted Chuenzaaa on what he said to him after LeGhost's eviction. Chuenzaaa had asked Makhekhe why he was bullied by PapaGhost, and Makhekhe disagreed and defended their friendship. Tonight, Makhekhe sought clarity on what Chuenzaaa meant when he called him a doormat. Chuenzaaa made it clear that he also had negative things to say about LeGhost. Makhekhe acknowledged this, even calling himself a "traitor." Lerato Modise said she did not care about what he said. PapaGhost said to Makhekhe, "You did what you had to do to survive."

Watch Chuenzaaa and PapaGhost go head-to-head:

The housemates seem to be worried about how they are moving going forward. One of the people Makhekhe said was not happy about the comeback was Taki. LeGhost shared that they heard everything Taki said about them after their eviction. As this week's HoH, Taki went upstairs to strategise how he is handling them back in the house. Sinaye advised him to welcome them officially during the meeting in the morning. Other housemates are also reflecting on the things they said in their absence. McJunior is not impressed about this twist, and PapaGhost knows it, so much so that he wants to join their team for the wager just to "be in his face." 

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