Why gorgeous gorgeous people are up at 5AM on Thursdays

26 January 2022
FIVE reasons why everyone has joined the 5AM club on Thursdays only and if you haven't, why you need to as well.
the wife showmax article with 5 zulu brothers

1. #TheWifeShowmax episodes drop on Thursdays at 5AM

If you did not know, now you know that episodes of #TheWifeShowmax, Showmax’s new and sizzling original telenovela, drop every Thursday at 5AM. The episodes are filled with drama, action, passion and cliffhangers that leave you pining for next Thursday.

2.     Nobody can wait to see what happens next

If you have watched last week’s episodes of #TheWifeShowmax, you spend the rest of the next week just waiting to see what the Zulu brothers and their beloved Hlomu will do next. So when by the time the episodes drop at 5AM, fans cannot wait a second longer to watch.

3.     Everyone is trying to avoid the spoilers

You’re either a #TheWifeShowmax spoiler or spoilee. Everyone is trying to avoid spoilers from the stans waking up at 5AM. The only way to do that is join them and be up at 5AM watch or be offline on all social media for the rest of the day because the 5AM club is relentless.

4.     The Zulu brothers TOP 5 has everyone swooning

Quick! Who is your Mzansi crush right now? If you did not list Mqhele, Qhawe, Nkosana, Nqoba or Sambulo, do you really even have a crush? The Zulu brothers have us hot and bothered, especially the older brothers and especially on Thursdays.

5.     FOMO

We can’t tell if it is the rollercoaster ride of their love or all the drama and action surrounding it in the taxi industry and heist jobs, but the #TheWifeShowmax has everyone gripped and if you’re not talking about it and you don’t know about it, you’ll definitely feel a little left out.

Avoid the FOMO and subscribe to Showmax or add Showmax to your DStv bill and make sure you’re in the 5AM #TheWifeShowmax loop.