Swoon: Heart eyes for Phat Joe

23 July 2017
These are a few of our favourite things about this slick-talker
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The inimitable Phat Joe is taking over the celebtrity guest seat in Durban tonight. But out of all the amazing talent that calls the coast home, why him? Well...

He’s talented

What is the local entertainment landscape without Phat Joe? From the moment he was introduced to us as a freshman on radio and on television, we knew there was something special about this man – and no, it isn’t his twang. But, to cut a very long and colourful story short, Joe’s longevity alone is proof that we’re all the better for having him in our lives (and radios)

He’s a looker

We don’t know a lot about glucose, but we know eye candy when we see it.

He’s smart

Phat Joe is the kind of friend you want on your team at the “Who is to blame for Babes’ visa debacle” debate at dinner. And most importantly, during ‘30 Seconds’. Whoah! Imagine all of the opponents you would obliterate together? You totally would be the Jon Snow and Denearys of board games. Your friends would hate you forever, because fire-breathing dragons. Why would you put them at a disadvantage like that?

He talks a lot

Some would argue, a little too much, but who even cares? Oh… wait…Some people do, it would seem. If we had a dollar for every time our Joe was reported to the BCCSA… But, that’s what makes him such a star, polarizing as he is, isn’t it?  

He’s funny

No. Seriously. Watch Idols SA tonight and you’ll see what we mean. Or better yet, watch this…

Watch Phat Joe on Idols SA TONIGHT at 17:30, only on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161).