Love Story: Zandile & Thokozani

16 July 2017
The story of how the shy guy got the girl.
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Zandile and Thokozani met back in high school, when they were both in grade ten. Zandile was close friends with Thokozani's cousin Thobile, and since they lived together, every time Zndile paid Thobile a visit, Thokozani would be there, eyeing the woman he had a huge crush on. A huge incentive for Zandile going to see Thobile at her home was the vast amounts of fruit and peanuts that she would be given access to. Thokozani would offer Zandile all the fruit she wanted, as a way of turning her heart towards him. However, whenever it came to actually talking to Zandile, he would choke on his words and fail. 

One day, Thokozani decided to enlist Thobile's help in getting his foot in the door with Zandile. He asked her cousin to bring Zandile over, and prepare her that he would ask her out. When he finally mustered up the courage to tell Zandile how he felt, it came to nothing, because Zandile felt he was much too reserved for her. She gave him the mitten. 

He went away for a few years to lick his wounds and recover from the rejection. When they saw each other again, he found out that she had since become a born-again Christian. He decided to try his luck again. Thokozani sneakily scoured through his mom's phone looking for Zandile's number, and while there were quite a few saved on the phone, he had a gut feeling about a specific one. His gut feeling was right. 

He gave a call, and when she heard that it was him on the line, her heart skipped a beat. However, she quickly got disappointed when he mentioned that he needed help finding a job, and that was the reason for his call. He picke dup on her disappointment and came out with the truth. Once again, he professed his love for her. After going away for a few months to think and pray, Zandile gave Thokozani the response he wanted - she loved him too. 

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