Finch and Julius open up about all things relationships – S’jola Sonke

16 April 2023
The lovebirds were not shy when we asked them to share their thoughts on red flags, financial benefits and more.
S'jola Sonke Finch and Juju article

The first night in the #SjolaSonke house was a wild ride that left everyone shook because of all the twists that took place.

Finch and Julius came in to the house ever so enthusiastic and ready for the journey ahead. Between knowing about their fetishes, Finch kissing Rainbow and getting to hear their opinions about all things mjolo, you’d think we know a lot about them but we’ve only just scratched the surface.

The couple got straight into it and didn’t hold back on letting us in, here’s all the tea.

What would make you swipe right (accepting) on a dating profile?

Finch: Before it was the body, but this was like back in single days. I like anything with tattoos.

Julius: Honesty, Loyalty fun and outspoken person, I would swipe right at a relationship that is very open and free. The one that likes to travel and the one with no judgement. A relationship that is strong and willing to try out new things.

What would make you swipe left (rejecting)?

Finch: Blurry pictures

Julius: Dishonesty is the biggest turn off and a person that is not willing to try out new things would make me swipe left. The ones that talk bad about each other and don’t trust each other.

How will you deal with the social stigma of being in a polyamorous relationship?

Finch: I often feel SA will catch up. I am living my best life.

Julius: If everyone is in a polyamorous relationship love each other, I would not care about what people will say instead make them learn that a relationship like this works.

Describe cheating in a relationship that already has more than two partners?I

Finch: I think when there is no communication. If you want to sleep with them without letting me know then that’s not being honest. Talk.

Julius: Not communicating and doing things behind your partners back.

Will your perception of gender roles change with more partners?

Finch: Poly means equal. We are all equal here and that’s my motto in life. We are all human and we should treat each other the same way.

Julius: We are all equal.

What does mjolo wa nyesa mean for you?

Finch: Friend , you know ne... When you meet this one person at the gym and you are like 'damn'! Or, when you are by the club and you like 'damn angikho single'. That’s why I like poly relationships, 'cause the thirst is real.

Julius: It means complicated relationship in a form of boredom, disagreements, cheating, issues rising , trouble in paradise in mjolo, having to impress your partner but they’re not satisfied.

What would be the dealbreaker in a multi-partner relationship?

Finch: When the one partner is doing more than the others. Like say you went for lunch and the one guy always spends on you two cheap skates....ahhh nahhh bro.

Julius: If I feel left out is a dealbreaker, we all need to be in the front seat or if one person loved one over the other.

What's your one rule after adding a partner to the relationship?

Finch: Take your time. 

Julius: All the discussions held about the relationship should involve every party. Same love for everyone.

What would be the benefit to having a multi-partner relationship?

Finch: For me, it’s a financial thing. Three salaries are better than two, sometimes when you all combine and invest together it is just less demanding.

Julius: Provides sexual fulfilment, variety and pleasure, financial benefit emotional support.

Is adulting more complicated with multi partners in a relationship?

Finch: It’s easier actually mgani. You just need an open and non jealous partner.

Julius: No. 

Does one need a bigger budget?

Finch: For what! Kanti are you dating children! No friend, I choose my partners wisely- if you are not hot then you have to be rich ke.

Julius: Yes definitely.


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