Chaos erupts after the burning questions – S’jola Sonke

03 May 2023
Where do we even begin!
S'jola Sonke twitter reactions article

It all started when Tswyza brought everyone together and asked the singles to paddle up and couples to snuggle up. If the mischievous faces on the singles didn’t say it enough then the name of the game being the “Burning Questions” told us everything that we needed to know, to gasp what was about to happen.

Burn it up

The rules were very simple, one couple at a time takes to the stand and then singles come up with their questions ready to ask how they are handling the world of multi-partners. Chi-chi started things off and opened way for everyone to ask anything, from her wanting to know Test a bit better to Mandisa questioning why Hope and Lesego wouldn’t allow her to introduce a man in their relationship.

The game in a nutshell:


10 past 4!

The biggest bomb of the night was Mandisa calling out Kwanele on being controlling and if Juju thinks this is sustainable long term.


And then, while Rainbow was being dora the explorer, Test was busy testing things out with Chi-chi now that she expressed how open she is to getting to know him.


She’s too “girly” for me

Now this isn’t something that anyone saw coming. Lesego has been lowkey feeling some type of way when it comes to her relationship with Hope, especially when it comes to embracing who she really is. Ntlhe was the lucky person on the other side of this conversation, which was maybe not the best but we’re not there, and he had some few words to share as well.

Also, it only gets hectic in the next episode. 🔥


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