Caught in the middle – Sibongile & The Dlaminis

02 October 2023
Sibongile and Kwenzo get close each day, making Nomalanga suspicious.
Sibongile & The Dlaminis S1 Sibongile and Kwenzo

Episode 29

Zakes gets a taste of Deliwe’s wrath. Vusi and Gcina have much to celebrate from Kwenzo’s failure. Wenzeni engineers a whole sleepover for herself.

Episode 30

Sibongile and Kwenzo spend time at the beach getting to know each other but even though they make a deep connection, at the end of the day they must go back to their normal lives as an employer and an employee. Velephi receives a second-hand ibhobobo phone from Sipho, while Deliwe encourages Zakes to fix things with Velephi. Craig invites himself to Wenzeni’s sleepover and brings along edibles.


Episode 31

Kwenzo and Sibongile continue to gel when Nomalanga walks in on them. Zakes gifts Velephi with an expensive phone but little does she know that he is tracking her using the phone. Wenzeni worries when she can’t find the bottle of edibles.


Episode 32

Nomalanga starts to question Kwenzo and Sibongile’s closeness and advice from Gcina makes her suspicions worse. Velephi is stunned when out of nowhere Zakes wants to pay damages for Manqoba and pay lobola for her. The helpers are left concerned about Mavis when she starts acting awfully strange, little do they know she ate the missing gummy bears.


Episode 33

Nomalanga reaches breaking point with Sibongile and fires her after she re-arranged the furniture in the penthouse. Deliwe orders Velephi to leave her house and move in with Sipho if she doesn’t want to marry Zakes. The edibles that got Sis’ Mavis high are finally found and Wenzeni confesses that they belong to Craig but blames Phetheni for being a bad parent.


Episode 34

Vusi finally gets the recognition he’s been looking for with Gcina’s help. Nomalanga isn’t pleased when she walks in on Kwenzo having tinned fish and pap with Sibongile in the servants’ quarters. Deliwe lies to Vuma about Zakes being Manqoba’s father and throws Velephi under the bus, claiming that Velephi has been lying to them about Sipho. Wenzeni reacts to taking an overdose of edibles, which makes Phetheni and Njengaye wonder where they went wrong as parents.


Episode 35

Nomalanga accuses Kwenzo of having changed, but he denies it. The helpers aren’t happy about Sibongile and Kwenzo’s closeness, and things go from bad to worse for Sibongile when Phetheni calls Deliwe to come talk some sense into her. Vuma isn’t impressed when Zakes comes blasting music and offering his soon to be father in-law whiskey. Phetheni tries too hard to mend her relationship with Wenzeni and invites Craig for a movie at her house.


Episode 36

Sibongile is burdened by her feelings and takes it out on Kwenzo. The pending lobola negotiations bring more gloom than excitement to Velephi. Phetheni has an unpleasant surprise for Wenzeni and her guest.


Episode 37

After Deliwe lies about Phetheni firing Sibongile, Sibongile says goodbye to the helpers and returns to Ixopo, where preparations for Velephi’s negotiations are underway, she is tormented by Deliwe and Velephi. Sipho falls for Velephi’s lie and goes on a wild goose chase while Velephi’s lobola is underway. Njengaye isn’t happy to find a boy in the house and instructs Phetheni to tell Wenzeni that Steven is no longer allowed to come over.

Episode 38

Kwenzo manages to win back Nomalanga’s heart, but she wants them to get married. Sibongile reveals to her best friends, Zinhle, that she is a maid and not a student. Lobola negotiations take a sudden turn when Sipho, who waited for hours for the music exec returns to Ixopo and finds his woman getting married off with his son.


Episode 39

Sibongile learns that she wasn’t fired, and she returns to work but receives devastating news, the man she loves is getting married to Nomalanga. Sibongile clearing her mind goes for a walk in the beach but runs into Kwenzo and they go to the uShaka Marine date where they share their first kiss. Sipho learns the identity of the man Velephi chose. Phetheni and Njengaye give up on trying to bond with Wenzeni and leave the job to Sibongile.


Episode 40

A conflicted Sibongile asks God for guidance after kissing Kwenzo, and Wenzeni makes her feel good about it, but she is crushed when she learns that Kwenzo and Nomalanga are getting married. Velephi doesn’t seem happy after her lobola while Zakes continues to intimidate Sipho. Khuzwayo’s troublesome son, Government returns from juvie, but his arrival brings trouble in Sangweni’s life when he helps Sangweni fake his test marks.



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