5 reasons Mzansi loves Imani – Grootboom and Sons

24 November 2021
We don’t know whether we love her or she drives us crazy, but we are sure Mbulelo feels the same way too.
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Imani is definitely a #GrootboomAndSons fav and what’s not to love about a girl who is the gal she thinks she is. Here are all the reasons you love to see her on your screens

1. She is carrying Mbulelo’s child

We love the permanence of it all! Mbulelo and Imani are bound for life by their child and we love that she slapped him silly for accusing him of trapping her with a baby. Um… escuse me sir?

2. She is tenacious

One thing about Imani, she does not give up. Mbulelo tells her to stay at their place while he goes home for a family meeting, and she shows up dressed as a makoti to surprise introduce herself to the family. He tells her to leave him alone and she is right by his side just seconds later.

3. She will cut a … sistah

Remember when Kefilwe was sitting a little too close to Mbulelo. Now, another woman may have felt out of place askin her to move but Imani made it clear and apparent that the seat next to her man is always reserved just for her.

4. She is a diva!

Imagine telling your boyfriend on the day of his mother’s funeral that you want to leave (with him) because you are sick of his demanding family. Yikes! That is Imani for you.

5. She just wants to be loved

Now we ain’t saying she a gold-digger but sis sure knows how to pick them rich. At the end of the day though, Imani just wants Mbulelo to give her all his love and appreciation. She probably would want this even he wasn’t a rich PhD student. Is that too much to ask?

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