5 red flags about Funeka – Grootboom and Sons

24 November 2021
From the Cape to Jozi, it seems Funeka is phunyuka bem’phethe.
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Sis is getting away with murder! Okay, we may have exaggerated the “murder” part but what we are basically pointing out is that Funeka is a slippery fox who has been getting away with many bad deeds, take a look at this list of crimes:

  1. She stole money from the family business

We all should have known that when Funeka returned home as the prodigal daughter, it was not because she missed her sister and nephews. Sis had an agenda, to get away with as much money as possible. But why does Funeka need so much money? Keep reading…

  1. She owes a dangerous man R500 000

Have you ever owed a friend or neighbour a few rands or even a few hundred rands? Now, imagine owing the most dangerous man in Cape Town R500 000. Well, that is Funeka. How she managed to rake up such a high debt is yet to be revealed.

  1. She’s selling a dodgy skin and beauty range

Ladies all over Cape Town are complaining about the damaging effects of Funeka’s Memeza skincare range. So detrimental to the skin are her products that they even ended the career of one model.

  1. Does she really have lupus too?

Funeka seems to be jealous and competing with her sister even in death. She hates the way everyone is so in love with Vuyo and still singing her praises 6 feet above her grave. So, does she really have lupus like Vuyo did, or did she just say to garner sympathy and attention from the family?

  1. Nobody knows where she has come from

A lot has happened in the Grootboom and Sons business from arson to the funeral of the chief executive, Vuyo. But, when are people going to ask where Funeka came from after decades to appoint herself the new head honcho in charge of the family business.

We have only touched the iceberg of Funeka’s devious ways. There are still so many red flags about the bad sis.

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