Mzansi Bioskop
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After being married for 10 years, a young woman meets her soul mate at a networking session. Will she give up her life as she knows it for this new man?

O Nyala Neng

When Masego's friend got married, she starts to feel envious of her, since she has been in a long term relationship with her partner and there are no plans of marriage.


A young man who's unknowingly battling with alcoholism is recklessly spending his December bonus on unnecessary liquor and partying in the spirit of the festive season.

Mafele Aga Thabo

Thabo goes to a sangoma to strengthen his business and he is given a bag with two cockroaches. Every time the cockroaches give birth his business gets bigger.


During Covid-19 Lockdown, two best friends find themselves at risk of being caught while cheating on their wives.

Boomba And TT

'S1/E3 of 5 - Pyramid'. A mysterious Sangoma, a community stokvel, an elaborate scheme... Watch how Boomba and TT manage to solve the puzzle and save the day.

Lokshin Bioskop: Problems Are...

Lokshin Bioskop: Problems Are Everywhere. When his wife struggles to fall pregnant, a frustrated husband decides to impregnate his maid.

Lokshin Bioskop: Jackpot Mathambo

A young man living in the township is unemployed and struggling to put food on the table. His luck turns when he wins the lottery.


When a beautiful young woman discovers that her workplace is a front for illegal dealings, she enlists the help of her boyfriend and others to rob the place.


A dedicated priest uproots his family from his hometown to embark on a mission to spread the word. His mission, however, puts excessive pressure on his family.


A young man is kidnapped and taken to an illegal circumcision school. Together with his fellow initiates, they must fight their way to freedom.


A young wife is keeping a secret about the paternity of her child, but things get complicated when there's a request for an ancestral ceremony to be done.

Ke Summer Boss

A coming-of-age story about a young boy who steals Mam'fundisi's panties off her washing line on a hot summer day. This sets off a series of hilarious events.

Lokshin Bioskop: Love Specialist

A conman convinces a married couple that he's a love specialist and can help them reignite the spark in their relationship.


Cinderella, with a Mzansi twist. A young girl is being ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsister. She hopes to find freedom at the pending Zulu reed-dance ceremony.

Pastor Bae

A handsome pastor comes to lead a struggling church, but the community rejects him when his dark past and true identity is revealed.


A teenager embarks on a quest to find her biological mother after she discovers that she was kidnapped.

Lokshin Bioskop: House Of Sangomas

When a master sangoma is called away and has to leave her five undisciplined initiates unsupervised, hilarious chaos ensues.


A father marries his second daughter off for money. His eldest daughter, disappointed by her father's actions, goes against all odds to free her little sister.

The Radebes Part 1

Starring Sonia Mbele, this drama sees a long-buried family secret explode at a family reunion, leaving everyone with nothing else to do but pick up the pieces.

The Radebes Part 2

A family is left shattered after a long-buried secret is exposed. Will they be able to mend the broken relationships and find happiness again?

Uthando Luka Baba

Two families have been enemies for years. When their children fall in love, old wounds are reopened.


The son of a failed soccer star is on the verge of getting a scholarship that could change their lives. However, his father's desperation threatens to cut his dreams short.