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'S2/E1 of 13'. It's a year later and the tension amongst Abomama is still simmering. Raki wants to erect a tombstone for Mancane and ambushes Mapule into doing the same for Thabang.

Dark Intensions

Lucille's nightmare begins when a young lady claims to be her husband's daughter from his previous marriage. She begins to question her motive when she moves in with them.

Ke Kopa Le Divorceng

A married couple has reached breaking point in their marriage with the constant arguing, not seeing eye to eye, and blaming each other for their failed marriage.

The Truth

A man finds out he has a life-threatening illness and needs an organ transplant. However, his legitimate son is not a match and his only hope is his son from his secret mistress.

Umuntu Wethu

A love-stricken shy young guy takes his friend's advice to use a love potion on his crush, resulting in disastrous outcomes.

Inkinga Uben

What began as a mission to stop her husband's wandering eye turns into a journey of self-discovery for a woman in a polygamous marriage.

Izwe Lami Nawe

A young gay man is in love with one of his classmates. However, his father is putting pressure on him to marry a girl from his neighbourhood.

Oksalayo Ngiyashisa

A desperate student finds a drug dealer's money after losing her bursary. She spends the money, but then the drug dealer gives her two options: she either pays him back or becomes a mule.

The Truth

A man finds out he has a life-threatening illness and needs an organ transplant. However, his legitimate son is not a match and his only hope is his son from his secret mistress.

2020 Orlando East

'S1/E5 of 5'. A catastrophic encounter with an old enemy nearly sends Pitso to an early grave. Despite all the ups and downs, Mokgadi's baby melts people's hearts and brings the family together.


A man leaves his criminal ways behind when he falls in love with a church girl, but their love is doomed as they face opposition from parents and other family members.

Buyela Ekhaya

The divided Skhosana family is back together at the behest of their sister. It seems old feuds will break them, but a shocking truth puts their love for one another to the test.

Nginike Isandla

Fezeka is preparing to go to bible school to succeed her father as the leader of their church but she meets a boy who encourages her to follow her dreams.

Kasi Loving

To raise funds for his LLB, Lerumo works part-time as a gardener for the Mazibukos. He meets Enhle there, and the two begin a relationship, but soon Mr Mazibuko finds out.


On the verge of losing his book contract, Thandanani must complete his romance novel while suffering from writer's block. He goes on a dating spree to get inspiration for his new book.

Bade Lam

A friendship of many years is suddenly tested when Bongani discovers that his best friend, Sipho, secretly has a child with his little sister.

Mme Wa Rona

A mentally unstable lady allows her jealousy to get the better of her, resulting in unthinkable actions that destroy the lives of everyone around her.


A bodybuilding promoter uses all her savings to take a local bodybuilder to Johannesburg with hopes of turning him into a big star.

Bo Mma

A spoiled mama's boy has his relationship with his mother put to the test when he starts dating. Who will remain standing by his side: his mother or his new love?

Phakathi Egoli

A young man comes to the city of gold, Johannesburg, for a job interview. After finding an abandoned baby, a different story unfolds.

Abogogo Be Stokvel

Two elderly ladies get thrown out of a stokvel they started years ago. They are determined to take their revenge, despite old age posing a challenge.

Ispaza Sasekhaya

Fats, the unpopular kid at school, decides to host the biggest party his township has ever seen - all to impress the new girl he has a crush on.


A security guard who's terrible at his job finds himself having to choose between his dream and the woman who has stolen his heart.


'S2/E2 of 13'. The unexpected arrival of uncle Fana upsets Amogelang's plans and Dora questions Lumka's sexuality. Tshidi prays for a miracle and Fumane contemplates about coming out.